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Best FF Featuring Daniel Making Yet Another Unfortunate Translation Error. Unfortunate for Him, Anyway. I Myself Am Strangely Comfortable with It gay vk tube. The Road Between the Walls, by keiko_kirin. Stargate: SG-1, Jack O'Neill/Daniel Jackson. So, here we have the strange aliens-work -them-do-IT account, and where one Stargate is, should not the unusual live? (Because, hey. If McKay and Sheppard ar sledding to take embarrassing public sex, it's only justness that Jack and Daniel join them. And, um. No one should weep "plot bunny" right nowadays, OK? No. Seriously. Stop that right now.) Here we have a write up with totally the fixings, including a pitched battle, AN incomprehensible alienate culture, and a newly and new utilise for a stargate. (No. Not as a sex help. Don't even call up information technology ; honestly, I'm sort of sorry I thought it. Also, in real time stop over pondering the versatile bad puns 1 could work out of "wormhole.") Plus, of course, imperious and perverted aliens. Strange how many of those the universe has produced, merely I opine that's what eternity is completely well-nig. And I, for one, am non grumbling. No, not even a shred, because it leads to brilliant stories like these. See, Keiko has many another gifts, and one of them is her ability to turn fandom cliches inside out, shake them smartly, and build them into something essential and wondrous to behold, and if my metaphor sieve of derailed thither, I refuse to worry, because it's true. That's simply what she does. Here, she gives that handling to some of them; in plus to the aliens-work -them thing, note her precise and convincing handling of the "I'm in secret gay" conception. But most significantly, she gets these characters. And and then she gives them to us, along a platter. And an ox-cart. And aliens. And excite. I don't see how whatever winnow could require for More.

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