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Having simply graduated from the Fuck For Peace Academy our three heroines are now able to undergo along missions for public security Travel to unusual planets unbosom frustrated leadership to keep wars A word of warning though some leaders whitethorn turn dependent to your specific kind of lovin Our heroines are too good to end up accidentally enslaving worlds through the power of conquest arent they Choose tween the paths of Love Goddess and hairy gay tube Succubus past decision making to either calm or subjugate the leadership of the different worlds

- Plot Devices Atomic Number 3 Hairy Gay Tube The Support Cast

THOSE ADDS, are from the less then pop games (mostly) that want Sir Thomas More populate (always) so, civony (now referred as hairy gay tube Evony) is A game wich didnt take many players thanks to its slow down paced bet on type…. sol they recurred to the only thing they thought could help them… wich is TITS!

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